Quads’ parents just want to be mom, dad



David Chittick/For Metro Calgary


Karen and J.P. Jepp hold their newborn identical quadruplets in Alberta Children’s hospital. Their four new daughters are still in a special care nursery at the hospital. The proud parents spoke publicly for the first time yesterday about the births.


The Calgary parents of extremely rare identical quadruplets say they’re just looking forward to being “mom and dad” to their four baby daughters.

“I’ve told our little girls, ‘The whole world is just abuzz over you.’ They’re just beautiful little bundles and I have no idea how much the world is interested in them,” proud papa J.P. Jepp said yesterday.

“We’re just a mom, we’re just a dad, and very interested in bringing our girls home and having a fantastic family life from this point forward.”

Karen and J.P. Jepp met with media in Calgary yesterday morning after the four girls — Autumn, Brooke, Calissa and Dahlia, seemingly named after their initial hospital reference of Baby A, B, C and D — were delivered at the Benefis Hospital in Great Falls, Mont., on Aug. 12.

The girls are doing very well, said J.P., with only a few minor “hiccups” that are preemie-related, including issues with weight gain. The babies were delivered by caesarean section at 31 weeks at weights ranging from two pounds, six ounces to two pounds, 15 ounces.

The Jepps expect to bring the babies home in four to eight weeks, and mom Karen is both excited and overwhelmed at that prospect.

“I think I’m starting to feel a little panicked about bringing four babies home and a two-year-old at home and how I’m going to manage it all,” said Karen.

“I just feel like a mom. I don’t feel special in any way. I just want them to be healthy and happy — I think as any mom would be.”

The decision to deliver the babies in Montana was the best one for the family, said obstetrician Dr. Phillipa Brain, a sentiment echoed by J.P.

“It was hard on us to be far away from all of our family and friends, but it was the right decision to send us to Montana,” J.P. said.

“I’m glad we were able to have all four girls together.”

Foothills hospital was unable to handle the four preemies due to a bed and nursing shortage, especially in the event they needed ventilators for the babies’ survival, said Dr. Brain.

The Jepp quadruplets are only the second set of confirmed identical quads in Canada, with the last set born at the Foothills hospital in 1982.

Trust fund

  • Friends and family have set up a bank account with funds held in trust to help with the care of the new quads. Anyone interested in making a contribution to the “Jepp Quad Care Trust Fund” can do so at any Scotiabank branch in Canada.