How many calories are in that fast food you’re about to eat?

Most people don’t give it a second thought. Researchers from Yale University in New Haven, Conn., did some sleuthing at U.S. fast-food outlets and found out that only six out of 4,311 people stopped to look at nutrition information provided in-store. Outlets included McDonald’s, Burger King, Au Bon Pain and Starbucks.

That means only one-tenth of one per cent of people look at calorie counts provided on posters or pamphlets. Fast-food outlets do give nutritional information on their websites, but the authors of the study argue that it should also be more prominent in stores.

What would you find if you checked nutritional information of fast food?

Metro went to the Center for Science in the Public Interest website to find out. The CSPI has several examples of what they call “food porn:” A Boston Cheesesteak roast beef sandwich with veggies and cheese on a French-style bun contains a whopping 1,140 calories (half a day’s worth), plus 19 grams of fat and 3,900 grams of sodium.

The McDonald’s large triple thick milkshake contains 1,130 calories (again, half a day’s worth) as well as 28 grams of fat, 17 grams of them saturated — as much as two quarter pounders.

Perhaps that’s why consumers don’t want nutritional news when buying fast food: the truth hurts!

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