Ever wonder how carmakers come up with the colours available for your next ride? So have we. Justin Pritchard talks to Ford’s paint expert, Jon Hall, for some answers.

The lead designer of colours and materials at Ford, Hall explains how colour offerings are decided, which colours are the most popular, and what to look for in automotive paint in the coming years.

Where do available paint colour selections come from? Who decides which colours are available?
Colour selection is led by our design team, but we have lots of input and resources to draw from in making those choices. Most importantly, we have a group with expertise in automotive design, fashion, interior design, textiles, art, and even technical product experience. We have information to help us keep abreast of such industries as fashion, automotive and other industrial design. Also, information comes from many worldwide trade shows for things like furniture, interior design, and materials.


How much does brand image have to do with the colours available on certain models? Why can't I get a Lincoln MKZ painted in bright yellow?
Colours are evaluated for how well they fit with certain brands and designs. You might be perfectly happy with a bright yellow Lincoln, but through our research and dealer committees we are able to gauge that an exotic colour would not appeal to the majority of Lincoln customers. We want colours that fit right to the vehicles that customers see on the road and in our dealerships, and colours that are desirable and beautiful.

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