Who is the Jedi knight?

A. Luke Skywalker
B. Obi-Wan Kenobi
C. Randolph Lizarda
D. All of the above
The answer: D, all of the above — or at least it will be by the end of the summer.

George Lucas’ elite Jedi Academy was “looking for a few good Padawans” — you can check, it’s right there on the website. One they found was 21-year-old Randolph Lizarda, a Sheridan college student enrolled in the applied arts and animation program.

The Scarborough resident applied to the prestigious internship at Lucasfilm studios in February. Every year, about 1,500 applications from around the world flood the studio’s San Francisco office. Only four are selected for the arts program. Lizarda has just learned he was one of them.

“I’m very excited. I’ll be working in the LucasArts division animating video games, although I don’t know what we’re working on. They wouldn’t tell me — it’s confidential,” Lizarda said on a break from class yesterday.