The Trump transition is proving to be just as unpredictable as his campaign. Even seasoned politicalpros have no idea what to expect, and yet I bravely forge on with my three predictions for this week in politics.


“HAVE YOU LOOKED IN THAT CABINET?”: So far, the president-elect’s preferences for his cabinet and close advisors are all over the map. Some are from inside government, some from outside. Some are his friends, some his foes. The puzzle pieces of the Trump administration are slowly filling in but watch the diversity. He’s picked a few women for key roles —if he keeps doing that and expanding minority participation he could deflect some of the sharpest attacks from Democrats who have been suggesting his White House will be too white and too male.


BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE: Speaking of the Democrats, they’re still no closer to a settled strategy for moving forward after the pounding they took in the election. The left wing of the party wants to head one way (uh…to the left,) others want a more centrist tack, and still others are just trying to get everyone pulling in the same direction. Watch for this to get worse (maybe much) before it gets better. Remember, D.C. is about power before it is about policy no matter what the parties claim, and this is a power struggle on steroids.


GOING GREEN: The Green Party is doing what the Democratic Party has so far avoided, calling for reconsideration of the votes in three states with super close results: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. They’ve been raising money to pay for it amid reports from some computer scientists some vote results in some places seem a little odd. Here’s the thing though: Even if they can get audits or recounts underway fast, there is so far no data available to suggest it would change the outcome. Still, the Greens argue even an inconsequential problem is still a problem and ought to be investigated. Stay tuned.


CNN’s Tom Foreman is the author of "My Year of Running Dangerously"