Protests continue in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after the shooting of Alton Sterling.Getty Images

This past week was full of horrible news, and in political terms this one could be pretty awful too as both parties close in on their conventions to nominate two of the least-liked candidates in modern times. So brace yourself: here are my three things to watch this week.

CRY HAVOC – Gun control, race relations, police conduct, public trust, terrorism; can we find any more explosive issues to throw into the mix? Republicans and Democrats alike went into the weekend so staggered by the torrent of terrible stories, they seemed unsure which voters to pander to first. That is sorting itself out. Expect new heat on Capitol Hill on firearms, Hillary Clinton’s emails, and racial animus. Any solutions? Not a chance. But there will be press conferences, strong statements and accusations aplenty.

COMMITTEES RULE! – Weird: The rules for each party’s nominating process are worked out right before the nominee is picked. So this week the RNC Rules Committee will gather ahead of the Republican Convention in Cleveland to decide how Donald Trump will be crowned Republican-in-Chief. Or not. For months, Dump Trumpsters have schemed to pry the scepter from his hand. If they can work a crowbar into the committee it is still not utterly impossible, although the odds of them pulling it off are virtually nil at this point. Still, watch for breathless coverage of any last minute wrangling to bump the billionaire.

BERNIE WHO? – Remember last spring when the Bernie Sanders Army was pledging to push their man to victory at the Democratic Convention come what may? Now, not so much. They still love him. Many still dislike Hillary Clinton. But this week their man in Washington is expected to endorse the opponent he once ripped for her (still) secret, big money speeches to Wall Streeters. Clinton, meanwhile, will have her eyes on Broadway. Her campaign is hosting a fundraising performance of “Hamilton” with seats going for $2,700 to $100,000. Which, I think, is pretty much the regular cost of a ticket to that smash hit these days.


CNN’s Tom Foreman covers politics and is not entirely wild about musical theater. Especially “Cats.”

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