President Obama plans to deliver his farewell address on Tuesday.

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With the inauguration closing in fast, we’re going to get nothing but Trump, Trump, Trump pretty soon. But right now Washington is saying so long to the outgoing administration. So grab a box and help load the vans: here are my three things to watch this week in politics.

Sweet Home Chicago — Maybe you loved the way Barack Obama ran the White House; maybe he left you all “meh;” but few folks dispute his skills as a speechmaker. Accordingly, you can expect loads of breathless coverage during his big goodbye speech Tuesday in his home city of Chicago. (Well, he’s going to keep living in DC for now, but still…) All signs say he’ll thank his supporters for eight years in office, and underscore the progress under his administration. But beyond nostalgia, what will be the headline? Considering the increasingly chilly relations with the incoming administration, watch for him to use his last stand at the bully pulpit to fire some serious shots at Team Trump.

Ship of State — Speaking of speeches, on the same day Hillary Clinton will emerge from the hibernation of her electoral defeat for a speech at the place she used to run — the State Department. She’ll be there to dedicate a new exhibition hall bearing her name, and like President Obama, to gush about the good old days for the Dems. Don’t look for her to throw heavy punches at the incoming president — she had her chance at that - but some quick digs? Wouldn’t be surprised.

Welcome Wagon — And what will Republicans be doing during all of this? Well, they won’t be crying. Instead, watch for Congress members, lobbyists, and all manner of favor-seekers to flood the zone along Pennsylvania Avenue. A lot of them did not like Donald Trump when he was running, and they may not trust him now, but they know the minute he steps into the Oval Office it will be better to be his friend than his enemy.


CNN’s Tom Foreman is the author of My Year of Running Dangerously

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