Below is the full statement and apology from Alberta Health Services regarding the vaccination of members of the Calgary Flames and their family members:

Alberta Health Services leaders learned Monday, November 2, 2009, that H1N1 vaccinations were provided last week to players and families of the Calgary Flames. Disciplinary action has been taken, resulting in the dismissal today of the most senior staff member involved. An investigation is continuing and may result in further disciplinary action. A report will be released at that time. Alberta Health Services (AHS) has determined that Flames management made a decision based on information and a process that they believed was approved by AHS.

“Like most Albertans, I am deeply offended that this circumstance has occurred. AHS Board and management have a fundamental commitment to serve all Albertans according to their needs, in medical priority. This circumstance was a clear departure from that principle. We set the expectation that this should not have happened and should not happen again,” said Board Chair Ken Hughes.

“The decision to allow preferential access to the Flames and their families was a serious error in judgment on the part of the staff involved,” said AHS President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Stephen Duckett. “Our policies on vaccine distribution are designed to ensure an equitable distribution of the vaccine to all Albertans. The special treatment for the Flames and their families is unacceptable to us and contrary to all of our existing protocols and processes. I apologize for this breach of our duty to Albertans.”

Mr. Ken Hughes, Chair, Alberta Health Services Board

Dr. Stephen Duckett, President and Chief Executive Officer

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