Toronto police are seeking the public’s help in identifying 10 “most wanted” people they allege took part in violence and vandalism during the G20 protests.

Det.-Sgt. Gary Giroux said after six images were released last week, three people were identified overnight and one is now in custody and facing charges.

Ashran Ravindhraj, 25, of Toronto, surrendered himself to police yesterday and is now facing charges of arson and two counts of mischief over $5,000. Police allege he smashed windows and burned a police car.

In releasing this round of the “most wanted” G20 suspects, police said they hope to continue the updates on a weekly basis and whittle down about 60 people still wanted for protest violence.

One of the people whose image was released yesterday was responsible for a “tremendous amount of damage” and an attack on a member of the media, Giroux said while pointing to a picture of a man, his face partially covered with a black bandana as he swung a bag full of rocks over his head.

Giroux also urged the public to keep submitting photographs and video images of “criminal acts committed during the G20.” As of yesterday, the G20 investigative team said they had received more than 14,000 still images and more than 500 videos.

He also said he will seek co-operation from other provinces or foreign countries if investigations find out that some of the suspects are from those places.

There are already photographs from a Montreal police service database showing individuals suspected of being part of what transpired during the G20 weekend, Giroux said, and officers will travel to Toronto to assist in identifying them.

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