Time management gets a lot of focus in the work world, but it’s at home where most moms feel the time pinch.

Luckily, the basic strategies for being organized and efficient that are effective in the workplace can be translated to the home front.

Making lists, scheduling “to do’s,” setting goals, and most importantly, delegation can help to make a smart use of time … and even find some free time.

This Mother’s Day, family members can help mom find the gift of free time by taking on some of her time heavy chores. Some great beyond breakfast-in-bed gift ideas to find time, for mom:

• Many of the chores moms feel they are constantly running behind on include house cleaning, grocery shopping and sorting through all the detritus households accumulate.

Investigate getting a house cleaning service, signing up for online grocery shopping, or hiring a professional organizer to get that closet or home office in ship shape.

• Save mom a trip to the bookstore, but let her read all the latest books with the new Kobo e-reader (chapters.indigo.ca).

Mom can download books to read while waiting at the doctor’s office, the ballet lesson, the hockey arena, or even have a “bookfest” in bed.

• No one likes, or has the time, to iron and women’s clothes in particular are expensive to dry clean.

There are now fabrics on the marketplace that don’t require ironing, but always look fabulous. Check out Mark’s (marks.com) for their Perfectly Pressed No Wrinkle Tops.

• Not all gifts of time have to cost money.

Kids can prepare a coupon book, which includes redeemable passes for laundry, clearing the table, vacuuming, bringing mom a book or her Kobo and a glass of wine, walking to the grocery store for milk, or even babysitting younger siblings (for free!) while mom gets to nap on a Sunday afternoon.

Start with this Sunday, Mother’s Day. It’s time.

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