Wayne Gretzky left something for the ages in the Summerhill LCBO bathroom.

When he excused himself to use the loo during the Wayne Gretzky Estates wine tasting, nobody thought it was historic.

But after the tanned hockey legend left the building yesterday, manager Stewart Bailey made the exciting discovery: A white cabinet next to the paper towel dispenser has been defaced with a blue Sharpie: “Thanks for a Great Day! Your Friend Wayne Gretzky 99, Dec 2010”
“We have a book that celebrities usually sign,” Bailey said. “This is the first time anyone’s signed the bathroom wall.”

As employees congregated in the bathroom, they talked excitedly of a new tradition.

“Maybe we can get Cynthia Dale to sign it too,” said one woman.

“Maybe we can spray lacquer it,” Bailey offered.

“Of course he left the seat up,” said a female employee.

The LCBO’s staff aren’t supposed to gush over celebrities. But when Gretzky casually walked in, staff had bottles autographed alongside customers and took photos with him. The Gretzky family encouraged this — none more so than Walter Gretzky, who was running bottles back and forth to make sure nobody felt left out.