Already dreaming of a vacation for 2011? Robert Reid, US editor at
Lonely Planet, shares with Metro his picks for the most notable spots to
hit this year.


In Bulgaria, it looks like communism collapsed last year — not twenty years ago. “They’re really promoting their communist-era hotels and tours,” says Reid. “Many places are still like living-history remnants of that era.” Rather beach it? Some of Southern Europe’s nicest and most affordable resorts are located on their Black Sea coast.?The country also boasts excellent wine (Dionysus, the goddess of wine, was supposedly born there).

South Carolina
It’s the 150th anniversary of South Carolina’s secession from the Union and “South Carolina will kick out those intense wool-uniform reenactments like crazy,” says Reid. “Reenactments make you feel like you’re experiencing history.” South Carolina and other states will mark the anniversary with events from period baseball games to Civil War lectures.

Wellington, New Zealand
Sure, Wellington is a little off-the-radar for most, but this New Zealand city is hosting the Rugby World Cup this year. “New Zealand is just rabid about the game,” he notes. “And the city is going to go crazy with hosting events.” Plus, you might even get to see the filming of “The Hobbit,” as Wellington is the home of director Peter Jackson.

Although this country sometimes gets a bad reputation because of its mafia, the truth is, things have really changed here. “You get a taste of the Mediterranean without the price and crowds,” says Reid. “It feels like a secret Europe to a lot of people.”?Reid suggests seeing Gjirokastra, an ancient town that’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. “The country is really up and coming.”

New York City
“For the first time since Sept. 11, the World Trade Center will be open to the public,” notes Reid, about our city. “It still feels like a wound for many people, so when it opens it’s going to be an event that people from all around the world will want to see.” Reid also notes that our beloved-by-tourists-and-locals alike, The High Line, will also be completed.