The Canadian Comedy Awards and Festival takes place this weekend in Toronto, and two members of The Imponderables, up for Best Sketch Troupe, tackle an age-old debate.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Opening arguments
Eric Toth: Be it resolved...that the chicken did indeed precede the egg. God made it that way, because he doesn't do middle-management. Instead, he created chickens to make eggs for him. The dude had no time to sit on a bunch of eggs himself. He’s got the Earth to flood, bushes to burn, inceptions to immaculate. So, he made chickens do the work of making eggs for him. He's like Obama. You hire the best people around.

Dave Brennan: Be it resolved... that the egg came before the chicken. The answer becomes clear, when you rank them in the order that you eat them. I never eat chicken in the morning with my toast, that’s a lunch thing. Breakfast comes before lunch. Egg comes before chicken. Never mind what they tell you in science textbooks or the bible, the menu at Fran's Diner on College Street is older and wiser.

Eric Toth: Wrong. The chicken came first. I had a chicken growing up on a farm. We got him at the grocery store and I never even saw one egg. Granted, he was sliced, pre-cooked, breaded, and came in a frozen box, but still. He was there first, for sure.

Dave Brennan: You're wrong. The chicken is an egomaniac and a thief. Eggs were already around. Kinda like how there was already sites like Facebook before Facebook. The chicken stole the egg's glory in order to become a multimillionaire and meet girls…I mean chicks.

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