U.S. tourism chiefs are targeting credit-crunched jobless people with time on their hands while in Asia golfing holidays are booming reported a study released at this week’s World Travel Market industry event, held in London.

Africa is cashing in on Barack Obama-inspired “roots tourism,” while the Middle East could see a surge in women-only hotels, added the report.

In the United States, the travel trade is pinning its hopes on the “funemployed” to keep the industry afloat.


“Some are embracing their situation by becoming ‘funemployed’ ... Most have severance packages to cushion the blow and more than half ... are under 35, mainly single, without children or a mortgage,” said the survey’s authors.

But in Asia travel bosses are looking to a more traditional source of income.

“Asians are crazy about golf and the recession has done little to curb their enthusiasm ... Rapid economic growth in China has created an elite class jump-starting demand for golf,” said the survey, adding that China ranks fifth in the world with 310 golf courses.

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