Meet the driver
Canadian actress and producer Jennifer Podemski who has starred in dozens of TV shows and movies, just finished filming Sarah Polley’s latest film Take This Waltz in which she appears alongside Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen. Aside from her acting roles, Podemski also produces the annual National Aboriginal Achievement Awards and just signed a book deal on the experience of Native Canadian actors in the film and TV industry.


What she drives
A 2010 Kia Soul in denim. It’s a shade of blue-green and we love it.


Why the Kia Soul?
We were looking for a car that was affordable, economical and leaning toward a more environmentally friendly automobile that was also a family car (Podemski and her partner have a six-month-old baby) without being too huge. It’s very versatile. It’s small but it has a lot of room.

Do you have a favourite feature?
There’s some cool superficial things that I like. It has this red LED system that lights up with the beat of the music. I love the Bluetooth, love the satellite radio, my partner is 6’ 5”, so it provides him a lot of space. And I love the way it looks. I love the shape of it. I think it’s an eye-catcher.

What type of driver are you?
I think I’m a little bit of both (cautious and aggressive). I have a little bit of that Toronto aggression. But I’m conscientious and I think considerate. I think Toronto needs a lot of help in the driving world. It seems like it’s a very inconsiderate roadway here. We all have to work a little bit harder to be a little more considerate of one another.

What do you keep in your glove compartment?
A lot of napkins, gum, Sharpie pens, a nail file, a GPS, odds and ends of makeup, anything you might need in a superficial emergency.

Do you have a dream car?
If it came in a hybrid option or some sort of environmentally conscientious make, I’d love to drive a Land Rover. There’s something about them, I just think they really look nice. I’ve never driven one, so I don’t actually know if I’d really want one, but as far as dreaming goes ...