For men’s swimwear, this year not much is different, says fashion stylist Afiya Francisco (

Cargo board shorts, colour, checks and tropical prints are expected. But, she warns, “a collaboration between Speedo and Comme des Garçons may see a resurgence of tweensy-weensy man-kinis. Be afraid.”


Surfer-style swim shorts, $69, at

Flowered swim short, $19.50, Old Navy

Red swim shorts, $14, Joe Fresh

— Janine Falcon

No one wants to be the guy who is proudly strutting around the beach wearing little else than his belly. Read this handy beach wear guide before you buy.

— Richard Peckett/Metro World News

The retro trunk

Wearable for the bold and confident, this is for the man who knows his way around the gym. It also has vintage cool cred (Sean Connery wore a similar style in Dr. No.)

The bright Speedo

It’s most definitely “in” this season, but this style is sure to be a pitfall for almost all men apart from models and gym bunnies. Unless you’re in peak physical condition, avoid the Speedo at all costs.

The board short

The surfer’s staple is suitable for all men however hairy or out of shape they may be. Pick the right print and cut and you’ll look just fashionable enough without attracting unwanted pool side glares.

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