With limitless options, shopping for skin-care products can be overwhelming, especially to the untrained male eye.

Brian Lau, founder of Bread&Butter Skincare has broken down the top five things people should be looking for when purchasing skin-care products.

Sun protection You should look for more than SPF protection. The SPF rating only indicates your protection level from UVB rays, but UVA rays also increase the risk of cancer, and also age the skin. Look for products that claim UVA protection or include ingredients such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, avobenzone and ecamsule.


Beneficial alcohols There's fatty alcohols in products that moisturize your skin. But alcohols such as ethanol, denatured alcohol and ethyl alcohol, can be extremely drying and irritating to skin.

The right packaging Products that are packaged in jars are not recommended. Each time you put your finger in the jar, you are putting all the bacteria that your hand has touched, into its own little cultivation dish and then transferring those germs to your skin.

Know what’s organic Not all organic products are 100 per cent organic. There is no regulatory body that polices these products right now in Canada.

Stay clear of products that tingle the skin These products usually include an ingredient such as menthol, which essentially irritates your skin to cover up other irritants in the product, which is particularly harmful for men who cut and nick their faces while shaving.

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