Her day job consists of teaching people how to ride a motorcycle safely. But when Trina Hennig punches the clock at the end of the day, her thoughts go to racing 200 km/h just hoping to stay on two wheels.

Hennig has been an instructor in NAIT’s Motorcycle Rider Safety Training program for four years and is now running the program. She loves to ride, but racing is her passion.

“In 2004 I went to watch my first Superbike race and loved it so much that I ordered my own race bike,” Hennig said.

“I had never even rode that style of motorcycle before but I thought it looked like so much fun and such a thrill that I had to do it.”

For the first couple years Hennig said the racing was rough and she crashed a number of times.
“But the last couple of years have been very fun and rewarding,” she said.

In the six years that she’s been racing, Hennig has made a rapid climb up the ranks to where she is now, the only female in the pro division in Edmonton and one of only a handful of women at that level in the country.

Hennig’s next race goes June 20 at the Stratotech International Raceway in Fort Saskatchewan but the five-foot, 125-pound instructor only has one goal. “To keep it up,” she said. “I had a great year last year and I just want to come back in to this year on a good note.”