Keeping a space exciting and fresh without going overboard is no easy feat, but The Neighbourhood in Cardinal Point succeeds by melding the old and new.


Built in Stouffville by Geranium Homes, the Promenade model suite shows off the power of light to create drama in a space, yet still feel like home.


The spacious, loft-style bungalow shows off the residences at Cardinal Point well, with two-storey vaulted ceilings, a main-floor master bedroom and ensuite and top-end features like chocolate veined marble kitchen countertops, natural finish laminate flooring and rich, tactile finishes throughout.


Sue Webb Smith, marketing director for Geranium Homes, says the model suite is set up to showcase just how easy it can be for empty-nesters to upgrade their lifestyle without having to give up their favourite furniture.


“When people move from larger homes to smaller ones, there are very specific decisions they make about what they keep. We took some furniture we thought would be integral to what people really love and we wanted to integrate them into a modern setting,” Webb Smith said.

Rich wood shades combine with punches of colour and modern steel tones in appliances and lighting, creating a sense of excitement.

“When you marry creams, browns and whites, you can punctuate them with drama,” she said.
“Light is very important in a townhouse,” she says, adding that it is a key feature in the model suite, from large windows and a skylight in the kitchen, to carefully placed lighting elements throughout.

“(It’s) not just in the use of natural light … chandeliers can really give you a depth that feels intimate.”