Today I find myself contemplating one of the great truths of existence. The only real constant in life is this: everything changes.

In mid-September, ch­ange is everywhere. Leaves turn colour, kids are back at school, life returns to normal. This week I head back to college, completing my training to become a United Church minister. Returning to school in my forties was a huge life change. I knew there would be people in my class who were younger than me.

I just didn’t realize they would be the teachers.

Experts tell us we should, “Approach change in a calm, rational manner, anticipating advantage and welcoming new challenge.” They should add, “Also, you should learn to fly.”

The fact is, most humans react to change in a similar way. We don't like it. The only thing we like less than things changing, in fact, is things not changing. Change=hysterical worrying about what life will look like now. No change=total, mind-numbing boredom.

In order to help readers handle whatever change September brings, here's a handy questionnaire .
“How Change-ready Are You?”

1. Your boss announces a new program of “internal systems restructuring.” Do you: a) Anticipate updating your skills.

b) Anticipate updating your resume.

2. When faced with significant change do you see it as: a) An exciting opportunity to explore interesting new ways of being.

b) An exciting opportunity to explore interesting new medications.

3. Change is simply nature's way of: a) Effecting necessary renewal.

b) Making us all totally crazy.

4. Those best equipped to profit from difficult life changes are: a) Confident, realistic people.
b) Divorce lawyers.

5. To be assured that some things endure and never change, you have only to look at: a) The deep, abiding spiritual wisdom of the mystics.

b) Those extra five pounds on your hips.

If you answered mostly a), you're well equipped to handle change.

If you answered mostly b), you are well equipped to end up hiding under the bed.