She stood in court staring into the eyes of her brother’s killer. Annette Stanwick had endured many months of anger and pain but as she read her victim impact statement, she faced a turning point in her life. It was at that moment that she decided to let go of her anger. When she told the convicted murderer that she forgave him, she walked away a changed woman.

“When you forgive it doesn’t change what has happened but it helps to release the negative emotions you hang onto,”

Stanwick went on write an award-winning book called Forgiveness: The Mystery & Miracle and now is a highly sought international public speaker. When she’s not working as a VP at Gimbel Eye Centre in Calgary, she gives seminars and even speaks in prisons.

Annette is enjoying life to its fullest, even riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles with her husband. “Terrible things happen in life. Acknowledge the pain, then let go of the fear and anger that are holding you back. We can rise above them. Climb the mountain, the view from the top is amazing.”