Press Cafe
10846 Whyte Ave.

Rating: *** 1/2
Price range: Low
Signature Dish: panini
Time in: 12:20
Time out: 12:50

Who has the cojones to open a chic urban bistro only a few feet away from Cafe Mosaics? I don’t usually visit a place in its first month, but I hit Press Cafe and Bistro prepared to be impressed.

I decided on a panini and salad ($10.50), selecting a hearty Montreal corned beef and fruit salad. I was about to order a Danesi coffee ($2.00), but spotted a cooler full of glass Coca-Cola bottles ($2.50). Pop just tastes better out of a bottle!

The fruit salad was a delightful combination of citrus, strawberries and melon while my corned beef needed a little more time in the press. After chugging my Coke, I returned for a rich, dark cup of coffee but avoided the pastries on display.

Choose the Press Cafe for a social lunch or first date. With the quality of the food, the warmth of the staff and a little practice, I wouldn’t be surprised if it stood up to Mosaics itself.

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