If you were hoping to go to the Telus World of Science this weekend, the Russians say “nyet.”

Today is the last day Science World will be open to the public before work begins to convert the iconic venue into Sochi World — a hospitality house for the 2014 Winter Games in Russia — which opens on Feb. 11.

“The transformation will be significant,” said Tammy Matheson, director of business operations for Science World.

“It will look different, from the exterior to the entire (inside of the) building. We will dismantle the exhibits we have in place. It is a huge project (and) that’s the reason why we’re closing so much earlier.”

Matheson said the 2014 Winter Olympic organizing committee will be using the venue to showcase the Games in Sochi, as well as acting as a hub for Russian Vancouverites and Russian visitors.

She said the decision to close the facility was based in part on the fact that access to the location would be difficult because of security and traffic restrictions, and the fact that people will be focused on the Olympics.

“We realize that our visitor attendance would be greatly reduced and this was an opportunity to showcase the building to the world.”

Science World as we know it will reopen on March 8 — in the heart of spring break.

During the Games, Science World will be taking its programs mobile around the Fraser Valley.