harper’s bazaar


The Simpson family tours Paris with supermodel Linda Evangelista in this illustration provided by Harper’s Bazaar. With Evangelista as their tour guide, Marge and her family take France and the fashion world by storm in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Note Homer pulling a stack of Louis Vuitton luggage.


Send Marge Simpson to Paris and she really lets her hair down.

Marge and her family take France and the fashion world by storm in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar in a cartoon spread that transforms the less-than-chic suburban family into pictures of urban sophistication.

Supermodel Linda Evangelista — or at least her Simpsonized alter ego with wide eyes and a dark angular haircut — serves as their tour guide, taking the Simpsons into the ateliers of Donatella Versace, Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel, and Alber Elbaz of Lanvin, among others.

After all, they do need to ramp up their glam factor as Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and the gang get ready for their big-screen debut in The Simpsons Movie, which opens July 27.

Maybe the Grecian goddess gown Marge wears in Donatella’s office — while she’s sipping champagne, no less — would be appropriate for the red carpet?

She completes the look with long flowing locks, a drastic departure from her usual exaggerated beehive.

“I think that Marge has proven she’s quite daring — she’s not holding back!” Evangelista said in an interview. “I’m loving her in the evening looks.”

Evangelista said she was flattered that she was chosen as the Simpsons’ travel escort. “They make me smile ... For me, the Simpsons are an icon of modern American pop culture.”

Does that make her an icon, too? “Maybe for one month.”

Illustrator Julius Preite drew Evangelista with the dark bob for which she’s best known. More important, she said, Preite gave her luscious lips, something most women on “The Simpsons” don’t get.

Evangelista also said she likes most of the outfits worn by both herself and her cartoon friends.

In real life, she has the round-toe Lanvin shoes she’s pictured in and she already modelled the double-breasted Jean Paul Gaultier coat for an upcoming Neiman Marcus campaign.

Laura Brown, director of articles and special projects at Bazaar, said the scenes feature real styles straight from the catwalk that will be offered as part of the designers’ fall collections.

Brown said she was particularly impressed with Preite’s replication of a Chanel dress that’s accented with feathers.

harper’s bazaar

Above, the Simpsons and Linda Evangelista applaud designer Marc Jacobs. Homer’s black-and-white getup is an homage to designer Karl Lagerfeld.

In that same illustration, Homer copies Lagerfeld’s signature black-and-white look, right down to the leather driving gloves. “I think Karl will be flattered even if he doesn’t admit it,” Evangelista predicted.

Brown noted that great care was taken to include Marc Jacobs’ earring and stubble and to make sure Albaz’s eyeglasses were just the right width.

“The designers we’ve heard back from have asked for framed prints,” Brown said. “Who doesn’t want to be Simpsonized?”