A residential oasis known for its green areas and welcoming nature, Bayview Village thrives on style and substance.

The peaceful community that runs from the 401 to Finch Avenue and from Bayview Avenue to Leslie Street attracts residents looking to break away from hectic cosmopolitan life while still staying within reach of it.

Located near two major highways (the 404 and 401) and containing the Sheppard subway line, travel to and from Bayview Village is surprisingly easy and likely is a big part of what draws homeowners and renters to the area.

Most of the houses in the area are originals built in the 1950s and ’60s, having been renovated and renewed by successive owners rather than being knocked down for newer infill housing as is increasingly the case in so many Toronto neighbourhoods.

According to the most recent census figures from 2006, Bayview Village’s population of 15,370 includes a wide variety of ethnic and cultural groups with a majority of residents (58 per cent) being in the working ages of 25-64, cementing the area’s reputation as a calm home away from the hustle and bustle of working life.

Sheppard Avenue in the south is flanked by newly built condo developments and provides the main connection between the neighbourhood’s residential zones, the Bayview Village Shopping Centre and the impressive North York General Hospital.

The Don River is perhaps Bayview Village’s most inspiring feature, cutting a long swath through the area’s northeast corridor with a long network of riverside trails a short walk from all points of Bayview Village and frequented by walkers and cyclists alike. Sunlight pierces through a bushy leaf canopy while the fresh smell of evergreens wafts gently along the winding trails which manoeuvre through a natural, tranquil beauty.

The sights and sounds of the rushing Don River are best enjoyed from one of the many footbridges that cross it and the people traversing the walkways are a diverse mix of power-walkers, couples with baby strollers and cyclists out for a leisurely ride.

Calm, collected and cosmopolitan, Bayview Village is a pleasant hideaway for people who like city life but don’t want to be trapped within it.

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