Another all ages music venue has been told by the city to turn the live music off but many are concerned about what they say is a troubling trend plaguing the city’s art scene.

Comrad Sound, which opened in April, has been issued a compliance order by the city to cease all live shows because they don’t have proper licensing or zoning to operate an entertainment venue.

“It’s really simple; they don’t have the proper licensing to be an entertainment venue. There are policies and procedures to follow,” city licensing official Marc Halat said, adding they were licensed as a music school and retail space.

Halat said the city received a complaint stemming from a June 5 show.

But that doesn’t sit well with Sled Island music festival founder Zak Pashak, who believes the city is making it very difficult to offer arts and entertainment to people of all ages.

“It’s sad that people are trying to do a good thing for the community and get shut down. I think it’s a symptom of pretty poor politics in the city,” he said.

Local musician Michael Wallace opened the venue after the city also put The New Black centre on notice last fall for the same issues, according to Comrad promoter Vanessa Gloux.

“We received a letter Monday saying if we play any more live music shows we can face a $1,000 to $10,000 fine,” she said.

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