Alcohol-fuelled sexual encounters are a clumsy, often embarrassing and regrettable rite of passage for many college kids.

More often than not, these sort of sweaty, post-party indiscretions are usually locked up in the vaults of memory, never to be spoken of again in polite company.

But blogger, author and now, film personality, Tucker Max isn’t one to leave his saucy skeletons in their respective closets. In fact, through his website ( he’s made a kind of cottage industry out of simply spilling his guts about all of the inebriated, campus -dwelling women he’s grappled with.

Max’s bestselling cult book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, has now been made into a self-penned feature film that will enjoy a limited theatrical release in select Canadian cities tomorrow.

The film, like the book and like all of Max’s scribblings, gleefully objectifies women as nothing more than conquests waiting to be claimed. Matt Czuchry stars as, well, Tucker Max himself, a smirking schemer who manipulates his equally unsavory friends to visit an out of town strip club in order for him to sleep with a dwarf.

Sound off color? That’s Tucker Max’s life.

• I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell opens in theatres tomorrow

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