The Stanton Social is the place that brought hip to the Lower East Side. And unlike most other places that tried to notch up the cool factor in the enclave, the Stanton Social remains while other flashes in the pan have burned out. This is thanks in part to chef Chris Santos, who opened the restaurant four years ago and maintains the restaurant’s status through his hard work — and camera-ready face.

You’re a busy man.

We just keep picking up momentum; we’re building a new restaurant a few blocks away that’s double in size.

So do you run back and forth between kitchens?


No, I have Neill Howell to help out [at the Stanton Social]. But I hope to be able to help at both places.

Any plans on launching even farther away than a block?

There is a lot of interest from fans and celebrities out in L.A. I think we have exactly the type of restaurant that would flourish out there, but it’s a lot of work.

Stars. TV appearances. Are you the next celebrity chef?

I definitely do not want to be a celebrity chef. But a lot of what happens with your restaurant is that you have to grow your recognition and exposure. It’s kind of like a band who has been together for 15 years and then gets one lucky break and gets called an overnight success.

The Stanton Social
99 Stanton St.

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