The BC SPCA has been inundated with felines from Petcetera’s satellite adoption centres, which shut their doors when the pet supply giant filed for bankruptcy.

In Vancouver, the BC SPCA says that its shelter and foster homes are tending to over 230 cats and kittens.

According to Kim Monteith, the BC SPCA’s regional animal welfare supervisor, the bankruptcy filing isn’t the only reason shelters are overcrowded.

“The time of year, people moving, changing their life situation, (and) we recently had an outbreak of ... the cat cold.

“We had a lot of cats placed in foster (care) and now they’re better and coming back to the shelters.”

Monteith also cited the failure to spay and neuter pets as another reason for packed shelters.

“When you do bring a pet into your life, you’re looking at 15 years with your pet,” said Monteith.

“Spaying and neutering and visiting your vet regularly, all this will help keep your animal healthy. You’ll have them for the rest of your life. Hopefully, they’ll never end up back in a shelter.”

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