Simulator lets users mimic pros

As the most popular form of auto racing in North America, with four participating manufacturers and countless sponsors, NASCAR will once again have a large presence at the 2008 Canadian International AutoShow.

It’s an incredible opportunity for stock car fans to get up close and personal with examples of their favourite race cars as both a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series show car and NASCAR Canadian Tire Series show car will be the crown jewels on display in the NASCAR pavilion.

Getting to see the inner workings of how a modern stock car is designed, engineered and built for the rigours of racing is a special treat.


However, NASCAR is also offering a number of ways for fans to experience exactly what it’s like to be on a racing team.

First, the Full Throttle Stock Car Simulator is an interactive game, complete with roll cage, which uses hydraulics to mimic exactly what it feels like to drive a Sprint Cup machine at speeds of up to 200 mph. The driving sensation feels realistic with accurately recreated tire grip levels and wear patterns. The suspension and handling mimic what the pros cope with. In short, it’s all you need to provide the ultimate test of your own racing skills.

There will also be other arcade-style racing games for those who prefer a little less reality, but no less fun, in their digital entertainment.

On the other side of the coin, the Sunoco Pit Challenge tests your skills as a tire changer and refueller, pitting fans against the clock to see who can service a Sprint Cup car the fastest.

As in past years, the NASCAR pavilion will be the perfect place to watch the 2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup opener, the Daytona 500 on Feb. 17, thanks to a huge projection screen and fantastic sound system.

Plus, NASCAR will be handing out prizes and giveaways during the entire AutoShow, so don’t miss the opportunity to walk away with memorabilia from your favourite driver or team.

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