The University of Alabama Alpha Phi sorority rush video with its overwhelming narcissism, trendy EDM soundtrack and oppressively white cast is my personal hell.

The video originally debuted on YouTube in anticipation of the University of Alabama’s bid day, the day when sorority hopefuls learn which coven of women have picked them to join their ranks.

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The video is a grotesque depiction of sorority life, perfectly tailored to the millennial mindset of self-promotion and self-aggrandizing.


The video, with it’s seemingly never ending slew of skinny blonde white women, could easily be mistaken for a video advertising clones.

The video created a lot of buzz and was picked up by several news outlets, several of which criticized the video, and thus the entire sorority for the glaring lack of diversity.

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The University of Alabama'ssororitieshave been under fire in the past for their lack of diversity (duh). As Jezebel points out:

"Alpha Phi wasn’t singled out specifically in the original Crimson White story from two years ago that re-upped attention to the homogeneity of Alabama’s sororities, but the social media presences of all sororities at the school have been carefully watched; one woman was kicked out Chi Omega last year for her decision to post a tasteless, racist Snapchat."

After the negative reaction to the video Alpha Phi took it off YouTube and made all their social accounts private.

Thankfully the internet, which never forgets, was able to rescue the video and share it with the world again.

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