Baby Melania was born Tuesday afternoon to first-time parents who enlisted the help of 22,000 strangers to pick her name.

“I was equally happy with both of the top names,” said mom Rommy Alpinelli, 34. “But about a week ago we started thinking (about Melania) and then felt it seemed more like her.”

Melania squeaked past the second-place name, Aria, by just a handful of votes.

The Alpinellis chose their daughter’s name by online poll, in the hopes of finding an unusual name. Facebook users participated by submitting suggestions and then voting on the choices over about two weeks.

“It was very interesting,” said Alpinelli, a secondary school teacher. “I didn’t expect such a huge amount of people.”

The vote was organized by FabFind, a four-month-old daily deals website.

The Alpinellis agreed to name their daughter whichever name received the most votes in the recent online contest. Her middle name, Loren, was suggested by a family member.

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