WARNING: You’ll probably end up printing this page and taking it to work.

Don’t blame me if your productivity falls to zero.

People often ask me which music websites I visit the most. Herewith is a list I simply cannot do without.


AntiMusic: The website is a little kludgy and I hate the “pop-under” ads that come with it, so I subscribe to the free daily email newsletter — delivered before noon ET each day — which is extremely well done (antimusic.com).

Chartattack: Canada’s Chart magazine lives online with an excellent news section that often digs remarkably deep. Especially helpful when it comes to Canadian music news (chartattack.com/new).

Crazed Hits: Billed as “the music industry’s leading A&R site,” it’s used by labels, talent scouts, managers and bleeding edge hipsters to find out who’s new, who’s hot and who’s been signed (crazedhits.com).

The Daily Swarm: An aggregator of music news from newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs. There are other sites that do this, but few have the reach and variety. Just beware that some links may be NSFW (thedailyswarm.com).

Global Music: Another news aggregator, but with an emphasis on gathering music news from around the planet. They offer a daily newsletter, as well (globalmusic.net).

Heard on TV: Liked that song played at the end of Grey’s Anatomy last night but frustrated by not knowing who did it? Go here . Good alternates: TV Show Music (tvshowmusic.com) and Tune Find (tunefind.com)

Hypebot: An excellent site for news and analysis regarding music, technology and new media from around the world. Perfect for the seriously geeky music fan who wants really get into what’s going on from the business side (hypebot.com/hypebot).

Music Ally: Yeah, the name is a pun, but the content is very deep and insightful, even though it tends to focus on issues within the U.K. and European music industry (musically.com/blog).

PunkNews.org: Heavy on the punk rock scene —which they cover better than almost anyone else —but they also cover other genres (punknews.org).

Finally, there’s AllTop, an aggregator of headlines from dozens and dozens of music sites (http://music.alltop.com).

Nice to see that the site I spend all my time curating, ExploreMusic (exploremusic.com), is right at the top. If you’d like to see more of my favourite sites, I have an expanded list on that site today.

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