We here at The Week?That Was find ourselves with a remarkable surplus of gratitude this Thanksgiving season. Without further ado:

Thank you, George W. Bush, for facilitating the global recession. Thank you, President Obama, for rousing so many to the idea that U.S. electoral politics is truly hopeless. And thank you, Elizabeth Warren, for giving it a try anyway.

Thank you, Egypt. Thank you, Tunisia. Thank you, Libya and Bahrain and Syria and Yemen.

Thank you, mothers and fathers, for working, if you can. Thank you, sons and daughters, for going to school — even if it seems that you may never pay off those loans.

For that matter: Thank you, teachers. Thank you, emergency service personnel. Thank you, union- ized labor. Thank you, Romanian cab driver who earlier this week instructed us: “Don’t stop dreaming.”


And thank you, most of all, to our national Occupiers — for reminding us that we actually have a stake in our own governance. Thank you, Seattle, Oakland, Denver, New York, L.A. and all the rest.

Thank you, Adbusters, for dreaming up and organizing this movement. Thank you, protesters, for sleeping in the street, in the rain and snow, under threat of attack by police and the deranged. Thank you, UC Davis students, for standing firm in the face of brutality and validating our right to peaceably assemble by proving it doesn’t really exist.

Thanks for your sacrifice. Thanks for pushing back. Thanks for showing we’re all in this together.

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