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The week that was

Now you can smell like Snooki without all the hassles of a trip to the vet  Plus: Ozzy still alive!

“Ozzy Osbourne is now vegan”

mnn.com, Oct. 26

Watch him bite the head off a lettuce.

“Snooki’s scent for sale on HSN”

upi.com, Oct. 25

Also available for free at truck stop restrooms!

“John Lennon’s Rotten Tooth for Sale for $16K”

gawker.com, Oct. 25

Instant Canine?

“Gadhafi autopsy reveals he was shot in head”

chicagotribune.com, Oct. 23

Just in case the videos weren’t 100 percent clear.

“‘Occupy’ likely to be word of the year”

poynter.org, Oct. 26

Especially if politicians continue to value corporate donations over American jobs.

“Tear gas used on Occupy protesters”

cnn.com, Oct. 26

Aw thanks, guys, but don’t worry! We’ve already got plenty to cry about.

“Rescuers trap hawk with nail in head”

cbsnews.com, Oct. 23

That’s one way to do it.

“Lingerie Football League Wants Pee Wee Division”

gothamist.com, Oct. 22

This week’s secret word: Public exposure.

“What’s the scariest show on TV?”

sltrib.com, Oct. 27

The evening news.

“Puerto Rico top drug dealer sentenced to life”

cbsnews.com, Oct. 26

Life? Anything but that!

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