When athletes from around the world arrive for the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver is likely to feel like home to them with so many nations setting up hospitality houses.

The Canadian government and the provinces and territories will set up pavilions too, with every jurisdiction in the country, as well as the federal government, having a spot at the Games.

But most of the hospitality houses, such as the sites for the United States and Canada, will be invite-only affairs for athletes and their families to relax, and for sport officials and their sponsors to rub elbows.

Below are some of the planned hospitality houses:

• Atlantic Canada: The four Atlantic provinces will have a combined pavilion on Granville Island to showcase performers, local cuisine and feature nightly kitchen parties.

• Canada: Canada Olympic House, organized by the Canadian Olympic Committee, will take over an entire floor of the Bay store in downtown Vancouver and another space in Whistler. The guest list will be small.

• China: China’s largest team of winter athletes will have the Lulu Island Winery in Richmond to relax and mingle. Admission to China House will be by invitation only, but the winery’s tasting room will be open to the public.

• Holland Heineken House: Another high-profile house that’s inviting in the public is the Holland Heineken House, which will highlight the country while serving, what else, Heineken beer.

• Russia: Russia, the host of the next Winter Olympics in 2014 in Sochi, will have a prime spot for its hospitality house at Science World.

• Saxony: Yes, even the German state of Saxony will have a house. They’re setting up at the Vancouver Rowing Club.

• Switzerland: Bridges Restaurant on Granville Island will be known as the House of Switzerland during the Games, serving chocolate fondue, Swiss cheese and other authentic dishes from the Western European country.

Even more parties
• Ireland’s house will be at a downtown Vancouver Irish pub.

• They don’t have snow, but Jamaica will have the Jamaican bobsleigh house.

• Granville Island will have a French Quarter during the Games, at Place de la Francophonie.

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