White dishes gleam on the rich wood shelving in the kitchen. The cozy living room is primed for entertaining. Sliding doors open to reveal a soft white and brown bedroom. From end to end, the Theatre Lofts model suite is sleek perfection.

Theatre Lofts is a soon-to-be-built development of loft-style townhouses. Located at 2116 Gottingen St., the chic model suite is giving prospective owners a taste of what’s to come. Interior designer Denise Hermanson of DH Design wanted to echo the trendy feel of the building’s exterior.

“The design complements the architecture by echoing the simplistic lines without being harsh or cold,” Hermanson said. “That gives the prospective buyer a sense of home and belonging.”
Hermanson wanted to the space to have a clean, sophisticated aesthetic, “without compromising on style and functionality.”

The ivory walls make for a dramatic contrast against the rich wood of the floors and cabinets, and the loft’s large windows and high ceilings keep it bright and airy. “I like to keep the colour and finishes neutral, without being boring,” Hermanson explained. “I accomplished this by using a variety of textures and finishes — with splashes of colour here and there.”

A vision of award-winning architect Michael Napier, Theatre Lofts is a mesh of sustainable architecture and elegant urban living. The units feature energy-efficient appliances, glazed windows and doors, and low-VOC paint — which contain lower levels of eco-unfriendly volatile organic compounds. In order to give the model suite a smooth flow, Hermanson arranged most of the furniture against one wall. A large, modern sectional is placed against the back wall, and a curved glass coffee table provides a spot for drinks or books without visually crowding the space. Stools neatly stowed away beneath the island can be used for extra seating or act as end tables.

“I like to mix masculine and feminine pieces together for a harmonious balance, along with contrasting elements such as colour and texture within the finishes,” said Hermanson, who used organic pieces, such as the patchwork cowhide area rug and the chenille throw pillows. “They play off each other and add interest, without being overdone,” Hermanson said.

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• Units at Theatre Lofts range from 477 to 1,405 square feet, and cost $139,000 to $299,900. Visit www.theatrelofts.ca.
• For more information on designs by Denise Hermanson, visit www.dhdesign.ca.

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