Feeling like an absolute mess, with eyes made of sandpaper and a concrete block inside your nose? It's not just you—this is the worst season for allergies in recent memory.


According to the Wall Street Journal, actual scientists are confirming what everyone with a sinus already suspected: Spring allergen counts are way up this year.


Dr. Boyan Hadjiev, who's dubbed himself "Dr. Sneeze," called it "the worst season" he's seen since he opened his Manhattan practice seven years ago.


[...] On April 29, Lincoln Center recorded the highest daily pollen level for New York since it started tracking in 2009: 5,093 particles per cubic meter (1,500 is considered uncomfortable). Its other monitoring site, in Armonk, N.Y., recorded a 6,719 level Sunday, the fifth-highest mark in 12 years.


The high pollen count on the East Coast is the result of a perfect storm of weather conditions: a snowy winter, a rainy March and an warm and sunny April. Remember how grateful you were when the three straight weeks of rain came to an end? Turns out that was a bad thing. (Such is life...)

Experts say the pollen count should level off by the end of May, but in the meantime, drug yourselves up or go see an allergist!