As the debate from mayoral front-runners dominates coverage, “fresh” ideas from lesser-known candidates don’t often make the news.

But there are gems among the platforms. Some are intriguing, others notably bizarre. All are hidden in plain sight on the Internet.

Igor Toutchinski Ward 10 (York Centre)

If you’re tired of the same old election promises, consider the jitney.

“In Israel, this system is very popular,” said Toutchinski, who would like fewer red rockets and more share taxis to ease Toronto’s congestion woes.

His vision would rely on commuter vans, subcontracted by the TTC, to transport people from the suburbs to the subway. Jitney riders would be charged $4 apiece for a much quicker jaunt than a bus.

Tibor Steinberger Mayoral candidate

Always dreamed of living on Toronto Island, but weary of the decades-long wait for real estate? You might be interested in Steinberger’s proposal: Floating homes.

“We can set up new communities adjacent to Toronto Islands,” he writes on his website. “The construction of floating houses can be set up in this city, which would mean new opportunities and more jobs.”

Mark Dewdney Ward 30 (Toronto-Danforth)

He proposes a once-a-year canvas of “every inch” of his ward.

“This will be like a neighbourhood walk on steroids,” he jokes. “I would literally want to check any street where there’s been even the remotest issue.”

He estimates the process would take one or two weeks every fall.

Dewdney won’t force Leslieville residents to examine potholes in their pyjamas — unless they’re into that sort of thing.