Hundreds of family members and friends gathered in south Ottawa Thursday to remember a couple who was mowed down at a downtown bus stop two weeks ago.

Mourners came forward to share stories about Leo Paul Regnier and his wife, Sherrianne, who were struck by a car on Sept. 16.

“Paul and Sherrianne were a loving couple, amazing parents and good friends to anyone fortunate enough to have met them,” said Leo’s brother, Dan Lasalle. “They were one another’s ying and yang.

“They were my superheroes.”

Leo’s colleague at Transport Canada, Angelo Buchanfuso, remembered his desire to please his daughters, even learning French so he could help them with their homework.

“He was very amiable and had an ease about him,” Buchanfuso said. “He was the type of guy that you could feel relaxed with.”

Sherrianne’s younger brother Paul Depatie, thanked friends for their support “during this impossibly painful time.”