After his $750 stroller was stolen off his front porch, Lindsay Taylor did what any web-savvy parent would do: He looked for it on Craigslist.

Last Friday night, the red double Phil & Ted’s stroller that Taylor and his partner, Natasha, use for their two sons was stolen from outside their home, just northwest of Pape and Danforth.

On Saturday, Taylor had found a listing for a stroller that sounded like his. It had been posted at 3 a.m. that morning, two hours after Natasha heard something outside their window.

“He wouldn’t give his name,” Taylor said of the seller, whom he contacted through email, then spoke with on the telephone. “I tried to be vague with my questions, but when I asked what colour the stroller was, he said, ‘Why do you want to know?’” Though suspicious, the seller said he had another similar stroller, if Taylor was interested.

On Sunday, Taylor and a friend went to meet the seller in a parking lot at Highway 404 and Steeles Avenue. A car pulled up. The man in the driver’s seat popped the trunk, but stayed in the car while his female companion got out. Taylor went over, and the woman started telling him about the stroller’s many features.

“Within three seconds I knew it was exactly mine,” said Taylor. “It had chalk marks my son had made. It was incredibly obvious.”

Taylor’s friend began snapping photos. Then, as Taylor began yelling at the couple, his friend got out of the car and grabbed the carriage. “He started backtracking, saying he just bought the stroller that morning off the Internet,” said Taylor. “I made it clear he was not leaving with the stroller.”

When Taylor filed a police report, officers at 54 Division traced the licence plate and told Taylor the seller’s car was a rental.

Pram pillaging is enough of a problem in Toronto that an alert was issued last October in 11 Division. After a rash of thefts and two arrests, police suggested that strollers be kept inside or locked up.