Dads are impossible to buy for. Unless your dad is particularly metrosexual, you can’t really cop out with flowers. And he only needs so many ties, especially if he’s an electrician or a directional driller.

Here’s an idea. Instead of another socket wrench set, take your dad on a date. Or if he’s single, set him up on one. Then suggest he impress her by taking her to one of these events.

Vancouver rockers Theory of a Deadman play MacEwan Hall tonight to support their release Scars & Souvenirs. Song titles on the album like Bad Girlfriend and lyrics like “I’m so happy we’re through” suggest that somebody in TOAD got hurt. Bad.

This album may very well be the dude version of Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill. Perhaps if your dad is single this isn’t such a great idea after all. But then again if he needs to unleash some broken-hearted male angst, tickets are about $30.

Maybe your dad likes to eat. Maybe he likes art. Or maybe he just likes wandering the streets of Calgary. If so, buy him a ticket to Saturday’s Gallery Calorie. This event is a self-guided walking tour of restaurants and art galleries on 17th Ave.

“Self-guided” doesn’t mean you pay $40 to simply stroll 17th. Each stop on the tour offers eats and/or booze for tour participants only. Tomkins Park is the final destination for a wrap-up party with live music and dancing under the stars. And probably in the rain too. Pack dad’s umbrella. Check out for more information.

If none of the above suits your dad, how about half-naked, half-dead women?

A new movie called Zombie Strippers is playing at the Plaza Theatre on Sunday. The premise alone is appealing. A virus created in a small Nebraska town somehow turns a group of (ahem) dancers into zombies. Jenna Jameson stars. That oughta get dad’s attention, whether he’s metrosexual or not.
Matinées are free this Father’s Day at the Plaza. Visit

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– Heather Setka has been skulking around the Calgary cultural scene for years. She’s a lover of the esthetic, aural and esoteric.