After exceptionally low ratings in popularity, Liberal party Leader Michael Ignatieff is taking a community approach to his current national tour.

He met yesterday with leaders of Calgary’s African community to discuss issues such the economic potential of that continent.

“Canadians have to think of Africa as the future, not some kind of continent that is always having trouble,” said Ignatieff.

“It has the potential to be an economic powerhouse and Canada should be there and our best bridges to Africa are the African-Canadians that we have among us.”

Ignatieff accused the Harper government of walking away from Africa and ignoring opportunities.

After attending the roundtable discussion, Yinka Gbalajobi, a Nigerian-Canadian, said he felt as though the opposition leader had heard his concerns.

“Mr. Ignatieff has done way more than the Conservative party could ever dream in terms of trying to communicate with the Africans,” said Gbalajobi.

“People need to be aware that Africa is not a charity case, that there is lots of business, that there is lots of opportunities for you, for me, for Canadians and individuals,” he said.