Summer is fast approaching, time to start thinking about finding a summer job. By working during the summer you will earn money that can assist you in financing your education as well as meet new people, build contacts and obtain professional experiences. So how do you find a meaningful summer job?

You might want to see if you are eligible for the Summer Jobs Service Program. This is a government funded program that is offered to students ages 15-24 who are returning to school full-time in the fall. The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has created this program to give incentives to employers to hire and train students for the summer. Jobs can be with any business or not-for-profit organization, and students can start as early as April 1.

Most community employment services offer this subsidy program as well as other support to assist Canadian youth in securing employment. Visit find a location near you.


Also, on that site you will find The Summer Company Program. This government funded program provides hands-on business training and mentoring — together with awards of up to $3,000 — to help enterprising youth start up and run their own summer business.

By checking out local summer events or activities in your community you might land a great summer job working at large festivals, camps or participating theatrical activities.

These programs can be fun and an excellent addition to your resumé, especially if you are striving for a future career in community development, creative arts, child care or event planning.

Don’t discount customer service jobs or retail positions as these may offer flexible working hours and financial bonuses. Simply do a “mall walk” which means preparing your resumé and going store to store, seeking out potential employment opportunities and completing necessary application forms. Even look online; you could land a great summer job working at a resort or youth hostel in another part of Canada or internationally.

Tracy Rogers is the Career Services Co-ordinator for Seneca College,



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