Around 100 people brought their best dance moves to St. Patrick’s Secondary School in Vancouver yesterday for the first of many high-energy auditions for the 2010 opening and closing ceremonies.

The crowd of hopeful volunteers was as diverse as Vancouver itself, with applicants ranging in age from teens to seniors and possessing all levels of performance experience.

Ayesha Dhillon, 18, who has been studying musical theatre since she was four, said she applied to be part of the Ceremonies because she wants to be involved with the Vancouver Olympics.

“This was really basic steps, but really fun. Like an aerobics class,” said Dhillon.

“A big reason why I wanted to do this was to meet more people. Everyone was so high-energy. Everyone was super cool, all different ages, all different ethnicities.”

Elizabeth Ewen, who has no dance or acting training, said even the audition experience will be a “memory that will last a lifetime.”

“It was a lot of fun. They said they were looking for different kinds of things and not to get too stressed if the dance moves weren’t quite right,” Ewen said.

David Guscott, executive vice-president for celebrations and partnerships with VANOC, said that auditions will be held every weekend until mid-June and that applications are still be accepted.

He added the ceremonies are still in need of more athletic males.