The So You Think You Can Dance Canada cross-country audition tour is almost complete, with only Montreal and Toronto left to scour for talented dancers.

If you’ve got the moves then you know what you’ve got to do. The Montreal auditions take place tomorrow at Theatre St-Denis (1594 St-Denis St.). Those wishing to audition should be in line by 9 a.m. to be guaranteed an audition.

Hundreds have shown up to showcase their dance routines and fancy footwork from Vancouver to Halifax, and with only two cities remaining, time is running out for those looking for a shot at stardom.

SYTYCD Canada judge Tré Armstrong has some tips for contestants. “Always keep moving when you’re on stage. You are auditioning the moment you hit the lights,” she says. “Come prepared to dance. You don’t know how far you’re going to go or what you’ll have to do, so have a roster of moves ready.”

Armstrong can’t stress enough how nerves can get the best of you. So use your nervous energy and “turn it into usable anxious energy.”

And with the start of another season of the American version of SYTYCD, potential contestants can pick up tips on what to do to impress the judges and what they shouldn’t do.

A lot of times, while some competitors enjoy letting it all hang out, most tend to play it safe and hold back.

“Dancers tend to play it ‘safe.’ As in, if the song says ‘drop it low’ the dancer tends to do a move to demonstrate it. Play around with songs and movement. Take risks and go against the gradient,” says Armstrong.

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