Have you finished with all your reno projects?


Yes, the construction or renovation may be complete, but does your home have character?


”People often forget those things that can bring warmth and character into a home” says Heidi Richter, designer and owner of HR Design.


“All houses can benefit from things like rugs, window treatments, and accent cushions regardless of what type of home it is,” says Richter. Lots of fabric adds warmth and depth to a room, she adds.


Another way to bring in warmth is to personalize the house. To do this, bring in pieces with history, or those that have a story associated with them. Heirloom furniture, family or travel photos or pieces bought while traveling add a personal touch.

Even the decisions you make about decor can reflect personality. “Incorporate personality in finishes,” advises Richter.

Mouldings and hardware, among other details, are also important in adding a graceful finish. Here are some hints for different styles of home.

• Ensure hardware such as knobs, door handles and faucets are coordinated in style and colour. A more ornate style is suitable, often in gold or bronze tones.
• Consider a brass door-knocker and a kick-plate on the front door.
• Make sure finishing mouldings are present. The style of traditional-looking baseboards, door and window casings, stair railings, and crown mouldings and picture frames tend to be detailed. Be sure the style is unified, rather than a mish-mash of profiles.
• Fabric patterns are usually detailed and intricate, including upholstery and Persian rugs.
• Drapery is usually formal and tailored, often with valences and other sumptuous detailing.
Contemporary or Modern
• Make sure hardware is coordinated and the style simple, usually in silver chrome or polished nickel.
• Look for curved, sleekly styled hardware to create a classic contemporary feel.
• Modern or loft-style hardware is more aggressively styled, with angular edges, and can be industrial in its more extreme incarnations.
• Mouldings usually have a simple, square-edged look, or may be absent in a very modern setting.