Alberta health officials confirmed they are expecting a third wave of H1N1 to sweep across the province this winter.

Alberta’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Andre Corriveau, confirmed once the second wave ends, there will be a third. He estimates 30 per cent of Albertans will be infected.

However, Alberta’s senior medical officer of health, Dr. Gerry Predy, said the number of Albertans vaccinated against the virus is making a dent.

“We should remind people our flu season runs until April so people should really consider that,” he said, adding 450,000 Albertans are now vaccinated against the strain.

Officials announced another five H1N1-related deaths across the province this weekend including one in Calgary. In total, 25 Albertans have now died since the pandemic began in April.

“We’re aiming to minimize the numbers — as few as possible,” Predy added.

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