A 13-year-old boy, who’s been involved with police 75 times in the past year, has been arrested after allegedly slashing a man with a knife on the SkyTrain.

Transit police Chief Ward Clapham said the boy attacked a 23-year-old man because he wouldn’t give the boy a cigarette on Sunday.

Witnesses on the train pushed the emergency intercom requesting assistance, and transit police picked up the suspect at Columbia Station.


“The victim received severe injuries to his left hand,” Clapham said, adding the boy is well known to police.

“He has been before the courts many times and has numerous convictions for violent offences involving weapons such as knives,” Clapham said.

“There are really two victims here, the second being the offender. How is it that a 13-year-old boy has been allowed to fall between the cracks of society and become like this? He needs help now, before he kills someone.”

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