Broken piggy bank

Many Americans can only save nickels and dimes after paying the expenses of day toiStock

Saving more money is a New Year's resolution for many, but according to a new poll by, 37 percent of Americans say they are too broke to do so. So if you're stuck living paycheck to paycheck and unable to contribute to a 401K or build an emergency fund, just know that one in three people knows how you feel.


For those whose goal is to save more this year, most say they don't want the money for an exotic vacation or upgrading to a bigger apartment. They just want to have enough money to keep them afloat during emergencies, with the long-term goal of saving for retirement.


Emergencies can pop up any time, whether it's a medical bill or unsuspected travel, and it just takes one unplanned expense to get set back financially, so it's not surprising that having the means to cover these unsuspected expenses is number one on people's list.


According to the poll, 77 percent of people expect to face obstacles attaining their goal of having enough money for an emergency fund while 24 percent are "extremely confident" they will be able to do it. The poll also found an interesting gender divide: women are more likely than men to list insufficient income and unemployment as their biggest obstacles to saving in 2015, while men are more likely to report poor money management.


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